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Increase Sales With Same-Day Delivery.
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Start Providing Same-day Delivery Today

Drive online sales

Modern online shoppers expect next-day delivery as standard. Increase your online sales by offering same-day delivery at checkout.

New Revenue Stream

Access brand new markets and communities by offering same-day delivery across our massive 700 square mile delivery area.

Grow Your Business

Grow your business by offering entirely new products and services that were previously not possible with traditional delivery services.

How does Teleport work?

Teleport is a same-day delivery service that seamlessly integrates into your Shopify checkout so you can get your products to customers faster than ever before. Just like your favorite food delivery service, Teleport will collect the package and deliver it to your customers' doorstep in minutes.
  • When you install the Shopify App, Teleport will display as a shipping method in the checkout if the customer's address is within our delivery area.

  • If the customer selects Teleport as the shipping method, a driver will be sent to your store to collect the order.

  • When your package is delivered, you will receive a photo of it at the customer's door.


Delivery Area

Access brand new markets and communities by offering same-day delivery across our massive 700 square mile delivery area.


There is no cost to your business for using Teleport. Customers who select Teleport as their shipping method will be automatically charged for the delivery at checkout. At the begining of each week we will invoice you for the Teleports that were delivered during the previous 7 days.
  • No Monthly Fees
  • No Hidden Charges
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  • Payout

    24/7 Anytime

Frequently asked questions

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What if my store is closed?

You can set your store's open hours in the Teleport App. If you receive an order 1 hour or less before your closing time, the delivery will be put "On Hold" and it will be collected as soon as you next open.

What if my customer is outside the delivery area?

Teleport will only be presented as a shipping method if the customer's shipping address is within our delivery area.

Who do I do if there is a problem?

In the Teleport App, you may designate an emergency contact phone number and email address. If there is a problem with your delivery, a customer support representative will contact this person to resolve the issue.

You can always contact Teleport using our support from:
A support representative will contact you within 2 hours.

What if I create a Teleport by accident?

A Teleport can be canceled free of charge before it is "claimed" by a driver. Once the Teleport has been "claimed" or "collected" you will be charged for the delivery. If a Teleport is canceled while "in-transit" it will be taken back to the address is was collected from.